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New Roots Cyclical Polytherapy

Besides hair loss, we have the measure to stop ongoing hair fall. The main cause of hair fall in today's era is the androgenic alopecia with telogen effluvium.

We have advanced new roots cyclical polytherapy which includes the combination of treatments to stop hair fall within a very short period of time and also helps to stop miniaturization and increase a density of hair on the scalp.

It includes:

Laser hair restoration unit helps grow small hair naturally in scalping places. This makes effective and affordable hair rejuvenation. It makes the existing hair thick, fuller and healthy. It uses a combination of LASER and LED Lights. This helps in the initial stages of HAIR THINNING.

  • PRP Platelet rich plasma
Platelet-rich plasma blood plasma is enriched with platelets. Its important work is to repair the wide range of injuries and diseases in both soft and hard tissues. This is due to the many development factors present in platelets. PRP is a concentration that comes from your own blood. There are a number of good growth factors that stimulate the growth of hair growth which stimulates hair growth when injected into the scalp. Not all PRPs are created equal to hair loss. When it comes to stopping the concentration of hair loss of 1 million platelets / 1 ml, it is best. To attain this concentration, good technique is required compared to simple centrifuge. So we obtain PRP, which has a concentration of platelets which is more than your blood.

PRP > expansion in the area of hair loss > improve concentration of growth factors > development of stem cells in middle and base of hair follicle > thickening of hair follicle and strong body with an extended life cycle.

  • Oral medication
On the basis of lack of body condition, it is advisable to avoid hair loss due to the right medicine.

  • Local applications
Along with other therapies, this local application can not be forgotten because it is very necessary to repair the diseases of the scalp due to hair loss.

  • PRP with hair transplant
Hair transplant can grow new hair in the bald area but PRP better helps prevent hair loss at Scalp. Newrootshairtransplant offer free PRP treatment to our hair transplant patients.

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