Painless Hair Transplant: Cost, Reviews, Procedure and More

Even though the hair transplant procedure is minimal invasive still it requires anaesthesia. many of them fear for hair transplant procedure till the surgery is started. The time when surgery starts the fear is gone because he has given local anaesthesia and feels no any pain. Many patients avoid surgery plans due to fear of pain. This article will give full knowledge regarding what is pain free or needle free anaesthesia.

Painless or pain free anaesthesia means the comfort of level patient is getting during his surgery. There are various routes through which patients has no any pain during his surgery which are as follows:

  • General anaesthesia

    In this type patient is given sedation so that during giving local anaesthesia he doesn’t feel any discomfort. No deep sedation is required

  • Local anaesthesia

    Local anaesthesia is the most widely used type of anaesthesia in hair transplant procedures. Local anaesthesia can be administered by smallest diameter insulin syringe.

In hair transplantation, during the process of donor harvesting and recipient site creation, local anaesthesia is required. This local anaesthesia in its simplest form is administered via needle injection. To describe the pain felt in local anaesthesia injection; it is similar to the pain experienced in dental procedures.

During injecting needles the drug is delivered slowly so that the skin irritation is reduced to minimal and patient doesn’t feel any pain. When the drug is injected in a particular place from the same anesthetized area the next injection is delivered so that no any pain sensation is felt. We select particular nerve areas so that we could block areas where it covers major skin area and hence then the more skin area is covered with only few injections.

Today, the most advanced method to reduce pain is to give sedation before applying local anesthetics. Sedation differs from general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is used to put the patient into a deep sleep and makes the patient fully unconscious. On the other hand, the patient under sedation will be awake but will feel relaxed and at ease.

Factors which help A Hair Transplant Procedure Pain-Free

  • We use automated micromotor controlled by paddle to keep low speeds.
  • We use new punches to all patients.
  • We use sapphire blades for incision so that there is even no pain after surgery as it heals quickly than regular FUE.
  • We keep wound dressing only for a day and take out on the next day without our medical staff so that it's not painful.