Body Hair Transplant: Cost, Sucess Rate and More

BHT (Body Hair to scalp hair transplant) is hair transplantation done for weak / less donor of follicles on scalp using the same FUE technique. the donor area selected here is from body hairs so it is called as BHT. Grafts can be harvested from beard, chest, back, stomach area, legs and arms. This grafts from any of these body areas are selected for the transplant on the balding area of head.

Candidates for Body Hair Transplant

BHT is done who are suffering from extreme baldness, who have very less scalp donor or very thin hair at the back of their scalp. Grade 6 baldness onwards requires more than 8000 grafts where scalp donor is not sufficient to provide that much grafts even after 2-3 sessions, for that reason we select body hair. body hair & scalp hair transplant collectively provide more than 10000 grafts to cover entire area of scalp.

Body Hair Transplant Process

It is same as like as FUE harvesting but requires finer & smaller diameter punches to extract body hair as their terminal ends are very thin compared to scalp donor.

Precautions of Body Hair Transplant

Grafts need to be transplanted very soon in recipient area to improve the life of BHT. The direction of grafts varies as their site changes from beard , chest, back, stomach , etc. this hair usually grows not more than 5 cms. Thus this technique is specifically improvised for the patients having less donor & more requirement of grafts in later stages of baldness.