Beard Hair Transplant: Cost, Process and Result

Beard has always been essential to men. In the past decade, with the rising importance of social media, pictures of bushy men with beards have become the definition of masculinity and pleasing look. Many of them are not lucky enough to have full and thick beard so they put on many solutions on face but the fact is that if one doesn’t have Follicles underneath your skin no use of solutions whichever you apply. Hair transplant in beard can be the permanent solution for your fuller and thicker beard, in order to improve the volume, define and enhance facial appearance when there is uneven hair growth.

Candidates who can do beard transplant-

Ideally beard hair transplant should be done after age 27 as there are chances of beard growth till age 27. The candidates seeking beard hair transplant should not have problems like androgenic alopecia or scalp hair solutions. As this is cosmetic procedure if patient goes in male pattern baldness then patient have need of possibility of hair transplant in scalp. If grade 2-4 baldness and having good and enough donor with stabilized hair fall problems then can go for both hair transplant on both beard and scalp.

If any patient having damaged beard due to scar due to burns, accident, any surgeries also can undergo hair transplant in beard and moustache.

Process of Beard Hair Transplant

Process is same as FUE hair transplant but the major change is that selection of grafts is very important factor to give good result. Next, after assessing the number of grafts required the design of the beard and moustache is made according to the preferences and needs of the patient. It is crucially important to match with the facial structure.

The grafts selected should be single hair and thick strand. The harvested grafts are then prepared for implantation. In process of implantation there are 2 techniques – one is DHI & other is slit technique / taking incisions. In the DHI - Direct Hair Implantation, with help of instrument choi implanter, the follicles are placed one by one directly into the thinning areas of beard, without the need to open micro-channels so as with the FUE method. Both techniques give almost same results according to the comfort of surgeon. But he should make ensure that the angles and direction of implantation are very much alike like other existing grafts otherwise it gives a bad look and which is very difficult to repair your beard hair transplant.

Beard Hair Transplant Before After Images
Beard Hair Transplant Before After Images
Beard Hair Transplant Before After Images


Recovery of beard hair transplant takes almost 5-7 days. Scabs start to shed after 4-5 days.

Precautions after beard hair transplant –

There is little numbness in facial skin for 4-5 days but it recovers within no time. There need to be used some special facial wash ingredients to use before and after surgery to avoid infections.