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Hair Transplantation for people of Parbhani & Dhule using advanced techniques.

Solution for Baldness:

Those who look for a solution to their baldness should know that there is no other solution than hair transplantation for now Until today the most efficient and successful solution developed for baldness is hair transplantation. Different methods are developed in hair transplantation and hair is transplanted with the method that is the most suitable for you.

The search for a solution to baldness is now ended with hair transplantation methods and baldness which occurs in time and genetically is elimi- nated. Everyone knows how important hair is for men. The absence of hairs to brush and style is psychologically disturbing. As a consequence hair transplantation centers try to eliminate the problem that people have with their hair. Especially the hair transplantation centers that we often see in major cities compete with each other and have contributed in redu- cing the price of hair transplantation to affordable levels. With the newest hair transplantation methods and reduction in prices, baldness has ceased to be an issue.

Hair Transplant for PRP.

In hair transplant, the purpose of PRP, i.e. Platelet Rich Plasma hair treat- ment is to stop the hair follicles from falling, to help hairs regain their for- mer health and beauty by revitalizing weakened hair strands. In addition to hair loss, PRP hair treatment has started recently to be applied in hair transplant also in addition to hair loss. The joint use of hair treatment and hair transplant techniques is providing positive results. The blood taken from persons who have hair transplant with PRP is treated with a special operation during transplantation and applied with a special method to the area where hair shall be transplanted. The PRP method has yet another fe- ature. Hair follicles are kept in a special solution with PRP during a waiting period before transplantation. Thus, hair follicles keep their vitality. Hair transplantation with PRP has positive aspects both during operation and acer hair transplant in comparison to the normal FUE procedure. During examination before hair transplantation, you may obtain from our physi- cian detailed information concerning the procedure.

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